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Anonymous asked:
Do you agree with the last statement about sarah?

Some parts of it yeah. Like I agree that people should stop hyping up her fighting skills because they aren’t really the best. We’ve seen her fight people that can’t fight and hold her own but that’s about it. I don’t agree about Gigi winning their fight if it was a little longer because Gigi missed most of her punches and can’t fight either so.


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Anonymous asked:
Q: opinion on Sarah's fighting skills

She’s not the best but she’s not the worst. 

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I feel like i’m the only person that does not like the all star battle spin off. Like yeah we get a chance to see our favorites again but it’s not the same. It’s so pointless, they could be airing bgc instead and I was really hoping bgasb2 was the last but now they are saying there is a third and i’m just.

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Anonymous asked:
To whoever says Sarah is the best fighter, she really isn't I mean I like her but she can't fight she weak the sooner you all realise that the sooner youse won't get your hopes up when she fights, (btw that last pic about Gigi vs Sarah was so true)

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Anonymous asked:
C: it's pretty much confirmed that Raesha and Dalila get two episodes each and there will still be only 14 episodes. Lol these last few episodes are going to be something else

This isn’t really a confession but a statement. 

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Anonymous asked:
I wanna fight whoever said RIP Sarah

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K, so i went here with three friends and I’m really pissed right now. We planned to stay in a hotel after but the girl who was driving said “i don’t want to stay in just any hotel, what if people fuck with my car” and her girlfriend said “ok, lets just search for 4 or 5 star hotels.” WHO HAS THE…

Why are they springing for a 5 star hotel when they have no money. 

I should punch you for paying for that shit.

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