Bad Girls Do it Well


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I cannot stand him. He’s gonna need the best PR team Ariana’s money can buy after this season of bb is over.

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D: remember on the first night of bgasb everyone went insane like mehgan was crying flo was punching holes rocky was drunk natalie was quitting stasi was making jokes omg

I think that’s one of the few episodes I actually watched lol

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D: Did you think the life coach helped the girls? I really thought she was, cause all the girls were talking about their problems and saying they wanted to fix them. Like blue was sayin she was gonna try and commit and Lo was gonna act out less but then towards the end of the season it was all kinda fucked up. Nobody changed and the life coach was even saying well done when they kicked slim out. Idk why anybody would hire that bitch

I think Laura had good intentions but it failed. I wouldn’t blame her tho, I mainly blame production. I think they should have had the girls sign a contract saying they would treat her with respect, not threaten her, and MUST go to their sessions and be ready to discuss. If the entire point of this season was to revamp the show, they obviously should have done that. But that goes back to it all being a cover up to keep the ratchetness on air.

They can’t keep a show like this on air without a real back story and they think they’re slick with the life coach/girls wanting to change bs but they’re not. Trust me, if they actually cared about making the show for the girls to change, they would do something about it. Props to Laura for sticking it out with them for so long, I would have slapped Redd upside the head for disrespecting me. Or better yet, I would have demand to not have her meet with me, and because of that they would kick her off. Brittany would have been long gone if they handled that situation with the proper contracts too. But like I said, the life coach is a cover up. They don’t give a flying fuck if the girls want to change or beat each other to death.

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I don't think Dalila was racist but she was stupid and annoying as fuck. What kinda bitch thinks they can talk shit about everyone around her and then not even put hands up to defend herself? Get it together

True, I think she was just shocked that Britt put her hands on her. But in all honesty, Dalila obviously has issues, I wouldn’t take her seriously.

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are there any fights that happen on the All Stars season?

Fights….like legit fights? The only one I remember is Stas vs Natalie and we didn’t see anything and then the one with camilla and elease in season 2. There were a lot of arguments tho. 

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who do you think was the star of season 12?

Jada for sure.

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When Jonica smiles all I can think about is Freaky Fred from Courage The Cowardly Dog.

I laughed so fucking hard

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Send in some confessions, questions or simply discuss bgc with me guys, i’m hella bored today.

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D: You all just need to think of Blu as a Guy. This Love-Triangle happens everyday. The guy cheats on his Main Chick with a Side chick. Side chick finds out he has a Main & shes the side. Main chick finds out he has a side chick. They fight each other instead of confronting the BF. BOOM!

And it’s still just as idiotic.

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